Apr 28, 2012

Kamat - Worst experience

For the first time I had a real bad experience of eating out.

We happen to visit Kamat Restaurant's Kormangala branch. Obviously this being one of the reputed chain hotels, did not worry about quality of food, but that was the mistake we did.

Kamat - Kormangala Branch - Worst Experience of eating out

As usual, my wife picked up her Jain food. Despite of confirming and re-confirming that it is pure Jain dish - when the dish came - it had onions. On complaining they immediately replaced it. We also took it lightly, thinking it would have happened by mistake. Shocker came post that. When they came back with 'Jain' dish... it did not had onions, but the dead cockroach cut into pieces in it.

Worst experience ever of eating out.

Apr 2, 2012

Welcome Param

Param's welcome party

All set for my first party

Palak didi helped in cutting the cake

My first cake...