Jul 31, 2012

Ip Man

For a change, this time it was movie time on weekdays. Well, after watching the start, I could not resist but to watch full movie. Both Ip Man and Ip Man 2 are awesome movies.

People who wonder who is this Ip Man? He is Bruce Lee's master. Now nothing more to say... go ahead and watch this movies. I have Ip Man 3 on my ToWatch list.

Here's the original Ip Man with his student Bruce Lee

Ip Man and Bruce Lee

Jul 22, 2012

7 months of my arrival

19 Dec 2011

Here I am, this is me... Dad enjoys listening Bryan Adams.. so I thought I could sing this song for him. But well, travel from God's place to this world was long and tiring.. I could not wait the scheduled 9 month travel.. so finally was able to convince the doctor to get me deliver a week before ;)

18 Jan 2012

It's been almost 1 month now, still trying to come out of my jet lag... I am sure Mom's womb was much safer and comfortable. I need to cry for my milk now.. seems like continuous supply which was available inside the womb is gone. Cost you need to pay to arrive in this world.

29 Jan 2012

All set for my first temple visit with Daada. We went to Jayanagar 4th block temple in Bangalore

11 Feb 2012

Finally dad got time to get his hair cut done. I feel much comfortable now on his shoulder.

23 Mar 2012

Who said it's only 32 teeth smile which looks good... see my smile is much better without even any tooth :D Mom was doing my photo shoot, so I had to give some good pause ;) By the way, there are many more awesome shots... Dad says you should be careful in sharing photographs online.. so sharing only few low resolution snaps. Come over to my home and I will show you all awesome ones...

19 Apr 2012

Mom showed me her soft toy collection today... it's huge and I am loving it !!

6 May 2012

Today was my first flight, Mom was running late.. what I could make out from my Dad's tone... this was usual. Anyway, I was scared, I did not wanted to miss my first flight. It was long 2 hr 20 mins flight, sadly Dad was not coming with me. I hate you Dad for not coming with me on my first flight... :p I will take revenge for this when we catch flight back to B'lore by troubling you. For now, looking forward to Kolkata to meet Dada, Daadi, Nana, Naani, Kaaki, Maami and many more... it's going to be tough remembering so many faces... by the way Mama was there with me... it was nice of him to come to pick me up.

23 May 2012

It was Dad's birthday today. He did not come with us to Kolkata, but I am a good son. We went to temple to do Puja on that day. Infact, Daadi had kept Snatra Puja on that day, sooo many people came

23 May 2012

I did Aarti and Mangal Deep too on that day.

June 2012

Dad finally came after a month. Today was also my first social function visit at S.V. Social. It was my Maami's sister engagement. I was wondering why Dad and Mom both having 32 teeth smile while taking this shot... secret came out quickly, this was the same place where my Dad and Mom got married some 2 years back. I thought my Dad was very influential and he would have kept this party hall name as S.V. Social being initial of my mom and dad.. but well, it's not so. It stands for Sorath Vishashrimali.. which is basically community to which I belong now.

21 July 2012

Last 1 month was very tiring. First of all getting used to so many people from family and than suddenly everyone disappeared with me alone in Bangalore again... :( anyway, as decided I troubled Dad enough while back on our way to Bangalore, so my revenge is done. By the way, do you see that rose in my hand? Mom told me it's the same one which she gave to my Dad during courtship period.. Mom was smart to give artificial one, so that it can be re-used. Dad was even smarter, it seems he bought some Equity stock trading in flower and now the same is trading at 80% loss. Did I said Dad was smarter...?? I guess some typo there...

Overall, it has been an eventful 7 month - will keep you guys posted about me, do come back..


Jul 13, 2012

No more employee referrals

I feel like raising my hand in sky with thunder sounds in background and with echo impact saying following..
"Mai is laptop ko aur yeh excel sheet ko saakshi maan kar pratigya leta hu, aaj ke baad phir kabhi bhi life mai kisi ko bhi mai job ke liye refer nahi karne waala"
Definitely employee referral is not rewarding, there is a guilt which you will carry through out your life.. :(

I committed that sin twice...

You can never predict when the organisation changes drastically... 

I think it's right day as well... Friday the 13th to take such vow..

Jul 10, 2012

Stamps and Coins on Jainisim

Here is a listing of all the stamps and coins related to Jainisim.

Girnar Hills

Before Independence of India Saurashtra state issued the first stamp on Jainism  in India on October 18, 1929. This three pies stamp bears a view of Girnar Hills where 23rd Jain  Tirthankar Neminath Bhagavan had attained Nirvana. Girnar is an important Jain pilgrimage center.

Dadawadi Jain Temple, Calcutta (Kolkata)

Stamp issued of 'Dadawadi' Jain temple of Calcutta (Kolkata) on 6th May, 1935. It was on occasion of Silver Jubilee of H.M. King George V Reign.


Satrunjaya Jain temple, Palitana commemorative stamp was issued by Postal department of India on 15th August, 1949

Pawapuri Jal Mandir

The 25 paise stamp on Pawapuri Jal Mandir was issued Government of India on the 13th November, 1974 on the occasion of 2500th Nirwan Anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavira.

Bhagwan Mahavira was born at Vaishali (Bihar), the then capital of the Licchavis. as the son of King Siddhartha. In spite of being born inafluent surroundings, he renounced the wordly life and became an ascetic practising the five great vows of non-violence, truth, non-stealing, continence, and non-acqusitiveness. After leading a life of sacrifice and penance for 12 years, Bhagwan Mahavira attained the perfect knowledge. He became the 24th Teerthankara of Jainism. He preached the basic tenets of Jainism which inclue Non-volence, Equality, the Philosophy of Soul and the need for Co-existenece. He advocated the necessity for men to remain fre from passion and showed them the Right Path consisting of Right Knowledge, Right Faith Right Conduct and Right Penance. Bhagwan Mahavira attained Nirvana at Pavapuri in Bihar at he age of 72. 

The Posts and Telegraphs Deartment are privileged to pay homage to the memory of this great soul uring the 25th Centenary year of his Nirvana by issuing a commemorative postage stamp. The temple at Pavapuri is adopted as the motif of the stamp.

Lord Rishabnath

A set of two stamps was issued on 20th December 1994. The se-tenant stamp had the picture of an ancient 6th century bronze statue of Bhagwan Rishabhnath exhibited in the Baroda Museum.

Jainisim Symbol

Government of India issued stamp of Rs.3 on Bhagwan Mahavir

Raja Danveer Bhamashah

Jain Raja Danveer Bhamashah stamp was issued On 31st December 2000 by Indian Postal Department

Bhagwan Mahaveer

Coins Issued by Government of India On the occasion of 2500th anniversary of Bhagavan Mahavira Jayanti

Ranakpur Temple

Dilwara Temple

India Post on 14th October 2009, released two beautiful stamps on world famous Jain Temples of RANAKPUR and DILWARA . These both multicoloured stamps depict images of the temples with inset of detailed images of  unique and intricate carvings typical of these temples.

Bhagwan Bahubali
Bhagwan Bahubali was son of Tirthankar Bhagwan Rishabhadev. A 58 feet high idol of Bahubali called Gomateshwar was erected by the Chamundaraya, a royal minister, on the top of a 300 feet high hill at Shravanbelgola ( Karnataka ) in the year 981 A.D. The idol is one of the wonders of the world attracting tourists from all over the world. On the occasion of the millennium year celebrations of the idol, a one rupee stamp was released on 9th February 1981 by Indian Postal Department

Would love to have all of this as part of my collection. If anyone is generous enough to share any of above.. would love to have it.