Aug 22, 2012

Michhami Dukkadam - ક્ષમાપના

'Michhami Dukkadam'!

For my non-Jain friends, who does not know the meaning of 'Michhami Dukkadam'.... This term is actually in a Prakrit language. It literally means 'may all the evil that has been done be fruitless'.

It's the day when we beg for forgiveness from inner of our hearts for whatever misdeeds or mis-behaviour whether knowingly or unknowingly occured by us to anyone through mind, thoughts, actions or speech during the past year.



I forgive (from the bottom of my heart without any reservation) all living beings (who may have caused me any pain and suffering either in this life or previous lives), and I beg (again from the bottom of my heart without any reservation) for the forgiveness from all living beings (no matter how small or big to whom I may have caused pain and suffering in this life or previous lives, knowingly or unknowingly, mentally, verbally or physically, or if I have asked or encouraged someone else to carry out such activities). (Let all creatures know that) I have a friendship with everybody and I have no revenge (animosity or enmity) toward anybody.

Aug 17, 2012

Spot the cat

Here's a quick one.. try and spot the cat in below image...

Cat enjoying milk products

I always thought super markets are more clean and better place to buy from :(

I am not putting down the name of store, just giving them benefit of doubt -probably this being one off. But surely, I am not visiting this store ever in future.

Aug 15, 2012

Lalbagh Flower Show - August 2012

As part of Independence day celebration, like each year there was superb flower show at glass house of Lalbagh botanical garden. Could not make it on right day to avoid rush, but was not totally disappointed even visiting later.

I don't have much knowledge of flowers and today when we reached, most of the flowers were in process of being removal. So enjoy few shots of what's left...

Aug 12, 2012

To-do Item - Excel VBA

I found today 2008 to-do list in one of my draft mails containing still two pending to-do items. Sadly none of which is done even today - start jogging and learn VBA. Not sure on when I will attempt to start first one (can't give up my morning sleep), decided to take a shot for the second item and bought the Excel VBA book.

I am sure, most of you who knows me, will be smiling  - how much I will read? To be frank, even I don't know, Just hoping to get this task done in 2012 before Microsoft decides to port from VBA to .Net ;)

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Aug 11, 2012


Finally today after long one week of crying and coughing, Param had first sign of recovery and smile on his face.

It was Janmashtmi y'day, so Shruti decided to make Param as Krishna. Sadly, I could not find 'Mor pankh' in nearby shops, so Shruti made a kalgi out of quilling :) not a bad idea for sure.

Quilling Kalgi made by Shruti

Our Krishna with mom's jewellery :)

Aug 5, 2012

Friendship day

Today I did not realised at all that it's Friendship day, till the neighbor's son came to tie friendship knot to Param.

Now I am sure, I am getting old. Happy Friendship Day to all my getting old friends.

Aug 2, 2012

My first Rakhi

This was my first Rakhi and I was wondering what all it is about?

As day progressed, mom had made some sweet and my neighbor Pranati Didi came home to tie this lovely cartoon on my wrist, which my mom said is called Rakhi. I really enjoyed having this tied on my wrist. It looks so pretty :)

Mom just told, I am going to have more in evening when I will goto Palak didi's place.

Also Dad was not there as usual, so Mom took all my photographs for Dad to see.

My First Rakhi - Mom made that wall hanging for me

Pranati Didi and Param

My Rakhi's

I love this Rakshabandhan