Dec 27, 2012

Meeting My First Comic Hero

Met my first comic hero Spirderman today at Forum mall....

With Two Superhero.. Spidey and Dad


Finally daddy took me for the first outing of my life.... to Mysore. It took one full year for daddy to take risk of taking me out.

Our first stop was at Srirangapatnam, had good walk at Tipu's summer place.

All set to dip my feet in Cauvery river near Nimishambha temple

After long journey and Srirangapatnam, finally checked in (just to put on note, Daddy made mistake in booking hotel for wrong date. We were lucky enough to find a room...). Need to call room service for some massage.. hello !!

Dad was tired keeping me in control from running away all the places. So he decided to put me up on his shoulder. It was fun though, now I know, what to do to get this fun ride... 

This is third temple in last 6 hours... Dad.. let's go to some fun place... please...

Finally got to see some interesting thing... Mysore Palace...

Taking break at Mysore Zoo... 

Flowers and fountain time at Brindavan Garden...

Lastly.... something to chill off...

Had a real fun trip... If you are not interested in looking my pics but interested in looking Mysore... goto Google... :p


Dec 19, 2012

Cake Show 2012

This was 38th year of Cake Show at Bangalore. Sad part of the cake show.... cake show itself was smaller than the ancillary exhibition of useless items. Here are few click of Cakes....

My first birthday !!

I completed 1 year of my arrival and definitely it was real fun. Take a look at the pics below, how I started my day...

By any chance if you feel after looking at following pic, that I was sleepy as it would be 12 o'clock at night. You are mistaken. Dad fall asleep at night before 12 o'clock itself... so he waked me up at morning 6 am to cut the cake.

My B'day morning... 6 am

My small balloons and cake

Even Daadi was up at morning

With Mom... :)
Day has begun, so let's see how it goes overall. Big news is... Dad has taken leave from office today to celebrate my birthday.


Dec 4, 2012

I can walk

So I have one new milestone registered. I can walk now. It's a sheer fun. Also with Daadi here, getting all sort of tasty food everyday.

Take a look at video which Mom took for Dad to see my first baby steps. I have also learnt to speak few words like Mummy, Daadi, Daada, Didi, Tata.... I know how to speak Papa but I would not utter it so easily. Dad makes me wait whole day to meet, so I would also make him wait to hear Papa... ;)

Don't forget to appreciate my efforts, instead of just saying congrats to my parents :p