Dec 19, 2013

Awesome 2nd Birthday

Without doubt Param's second birthday turned out to be completely different than planned, but for good. Had a little decoration done in the morning when he got up from the bed... Shruti made birthday card with all his favorite cartoon character.

Check out the card behind Param

Well, the bigger surprise planned for him was his favorite cake... that also of Chhota Bheem. So we dropped him to his Montessori and headed to pick up the cake.. here's his surprise cake...

and now was the time to head back to his Montessori for unwrapping the surprise...

Time to enjoy the cake with friends...

Would you like to try it Daddy?
So far so good... but now things changed drastically. For some unknown reason, decided to goto Kolkata same day. Yes, too desperate to visit home and the best day to give surprise at home too. So some frantic calls to airlines... some extreme high cost flights and some mad packing... all set to hit airport in next 2 hrs to catch the evening flight. 

On the way and realized, I have missed to take identity proof. No time to return back and collect... else will miss flight. So found some cyber cafe on the way to take the print outs.... just about to click the print and the power goes off. Ok, so now wait for power to come at cyber cafe and take print... while clock keeps ticking. Thankfully power came quickly and got the prints... and started the rush back to airport. But wait, it was not all over... our hero.. Param was yet to make some contribution to the day. While playing on the rear seat... he almost swallowed the coin... just a fraction of second and Shruti could pull it out. Now I was only hoping to hit Kolkata tonight without any trouble.

After all rushing... time to eat on flight... thank god... mummy got something packed for me in all rush...

At last, at 10.30 pm we touched down to Kolkata and could meet our parents and in-laws right before the end of the day.

I surely had an awesome day and looking forward for 10 days of vacation... hope Param you too enjoyed your day. Happy Birthday Son.

PS: Param, your current fav are..
Food - Cake, Choclate and Rice...
Cartoon - Chhota Bheem and Doraemon
Color - Brown, whatever we ask in color, you want it to be brown
Song - You love to dance at tune of Balam Pichkari from hindi movie "Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani"
Line - Papa kaangya? ("Where is Papa?")

Nov 3, 2013

Diwali 2013

It was my second diwali... though it was first one wherein I understood little bit. Last diwali was all crying whenever a cracker goes off.... It was different this time, I enjoyed eating sweets, lighting lamp and watching colorful crackers from the balcony. Shouting 'fire cracker' as and when I could spot a single rocket in the sky... running back into room at sound of each bombs...

Not sure why, but while I was having my first finger burning experience, what was my dad doing....? I know mummy was busy capturing it on camera.. :p

Having first hand experience of burning my finger

Dad bought some crackers, well scared of my coughing... thankfully I continued to be a good boy and enjoyed watching all on the terrace... but next time I need much more...

My crackers... 
Mom made a special Micky Mouse rangoli for me... 

My fav.. Mickey Mouse rangoli...

Happy Diwali to all....


Oct 30, 2013

Param's first hair cut...

Post the first Mundan experience, it was first experience today of getting Param's hair cutting done at salon. Thankfully unlike mundan, it went way too smoothly...

On way to get Haircut

Looking like a Good boy..

Oct 26, 2013

I am Gujju

In traditional Gujarati dress... it's called Kediyu...

For a change, this photo is taken by Dad and not mummy.. :)


Oct 12, 2013

સિંહની પરોણાગત (Gujarati Poem)

One of the handful of Gujarati poem which I remember and make Param listen... its written by Ramanlal Soni

સિંહની પરોણાગત – રમણલાલ સોની 

રીંછ એકલું ફરવા ચાલ્યું, હાથમાં લીધી સોટી; 

સામે રાણા સિંહ મળ્યા રે, આફત આવી મોટી. 

 ઝૂકી ઝૂકી ભરી સલામો, બોલ્યું મીઠાં વેણ : 

‘મારે ઘેર પધારો, રાણા ! રાખો મારું કહેણ. 

 હાડચામડાં બહુ બહુ ચૂંથ્યાં, ચાખોજી મધ મીઠું; 

નોતરું દેવા ખોળું તમને, આજે મુખડું દીઠું !’

રીંછ જાય છે આગળ, એના પગ ધબધબ, 

સિંહ જાય છે પાછળ, એની જીભ લબલબ. 

‘ઘર આ મારું, જમો સુખેથી, મઘથી લૂમેલૂમ’ 

ખાવા જાતાં રાણાજીએ પાડી બૂમેબૂમ ! 

 મધપૂડાનું વન હતું એ, નહીં માખોનો પાર; 

બટકું પૂડો ખાવા જાતાં વળગી લારોલાર ! 

 આંખે, મોઢે, જીભે, હોઠે ડંખ ઘણેરા લાગ્યા; 

‘ખાધો બાપ રે !’ કરતાં ત્યાંથી વનરાજા તો ભાગ્યા. 

 રીંછ એકલું ફરવા ચાલ્યું, હાથમાં લીધી સોટી; 

સામે રાણા સિંહ મળ્યા’તા, આફત ટાળી મોટી !

Aug 27, 2013

Janmasthami celebration

One good part of going to school is... get to celebrate all festival days. This time it was Krishna Janmasthami. Here's my Krishna avtaar...

Didn't got maakhan though for mummy's photoshoot... she replaced it with cotton... :(

If mummy is not behind the camera... I generally tend to give rough look... see my pose when my school teacher tried to take my photo...

All my photo looks are reserved for my mummy only... :)


Aug 20, 2013


Look at my hand... its RakshaBandhan... got Krishna and Bheem rakhi too...

Aug 18, 2013

Lalbagh Flower Show 2013

As always... daddy was too lazy to take me to the flower show on time. Finally when we went, only one piece of flower show was left... but had fun running around everywhere as always.

You see the truck behind... they are taking away all the flowers... :( Only reason, I am smiling is... Mom is behind the camera... and I love to pose !!

Visited UB city too, where art exhibition was on... more than art enjoyed the decorations... :)

I want those pencils.....


Aug 14, 2013

Happy Independence Day !!

Today was Param's first independence day celebration at his Montessori. All dressed up in his white Kurta-Payjama. Right time and day to teach him his first lesson on Gandhi's 3 wise monkeys.

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

See No Evil

Jul 21, 2013

My First Cycle

I am a big boy now !!! Got my first cycle today.... instead of bell, there are 3 superb rhymes in it. Including my favorite Twinkle Twinkle.

My First Cycle
By the way, I did not get any helmet with the cycle - that's absolutely my creation after seeing dad wearing helmet everyday while riding. Helmet kind of thing which I am wearing is actually another toy... ;)


Jul 6, 2013

Weekend Thoughts

Some weekend thoughts, which helped me to realise the truth and stay lazy ;)

- If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.
- A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat.
- A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years.
- A tortoise doesn't run, does nothing ..yet lives for 450 years.

So now you know, how you should use your weekend.

Jun 19, 2013

Time to twist the tongue

Here's some exercise for your tongue today...

If you tell Tom to tell a tongue-twister his tongue will be twisted as tongue-twister twists tongues.

If you understand, say "understand" . If you don't understand, say "don't understand" ... But if you understand and say "don't understand". How do I understand that you understand? Understand!

I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds.

A sailor went to sea to see, what he could see. And all he could see was sea, sea, sea.

Purple Paper People, Purple Paper People, Purple Paper People

Jun 11, 2013

Random Facts about Gujjus

Copied from Ektz !

Warning - You need to be Gujju or know some Gujju to enjoy this...

1. You have an uncle who tells you his contact number is chaar so be ogan syt ekaavan – 4025951
2. Every autowala, taxiwala, grocerywala is our kaka.
3. We never go to office, we go to HOFFIS!
4. The first rule of money – never use your own!
5. “Su navi juni” is our version of wassup?
6. Be it seven in the morning or 1 am, gaathiyas are always welcome.
7. We are all a fan of Dakshaben aka Ketaki Dave’s “Ararararara….”
8. We keep an “ELARAM” to wake up in the morning.
9. No party is over without a round of GARBA.
10. We all love golas, but ice creams have a special place in our hearts (and in our fridges as well).
11. We call all types of noodles “Meggi”!!!
12. When someone asks about a person, we say GENTLEMAN MANAS 6! ( Chay )
13. “Shaanti rakhi ne loi peeyo!” is our best possible slang.
14. We don’t know any place in the world called Delhi, apne to bas DILLI aj javanu!
15. We have a PhD in bargaining by birth..
16. We can speak any language of the world in Gujarati!
17. We don’t have feelings, we have FILLINGS!!!
18. Jai Shri Krishan = Hello and Aavjo = Good bye
19. Generally our conversations begin with kem 6, maja ma ne, and end with, koi saaru investment batavo ne…
20. We shout our guts out on international calls, thinking they can hear us better that way.
21. A gujju would have business on his mind from the time he turns 18 - bahu badha paisa kamavana 6..( chay ).
22. Swimming is not for us – we call it chhabchhabiya.
23. For us electricity never goes – only light does!!!!
24. We don’t call people, we COAL them.
25. Next time someone irritates you, you say TEL PEEVA JA.

Jun 3, 2013

My first day at school

Till morning both mom and dad were confused whether I should be attending my first day of Montessori or not... I am having fever and running nose.. (Damn! Bangalore has suddenly turned very cold). I got up only at 9.15am and my school time is supposed to be at 9.30am. My snacks box is not packed and I am in no mood to do anything but to cry.... which anyway I did whole night. Suddenly thing changed... dad-mom decided to ask me if I want to go and I said 'Yes'...

Next 15 mins, I don't know how mummy managed to do all, but I had brushed my teeth, got my new dress... my box was packed with Mango and I was all set to go for my first day of Montessori. As always, there has to be photo shoot before any big event so that I can enjoy it when I grow up... so here's my pose..

First day of Montessori
At 9.30am I was at school and before mom could even say bye... I rushed inside to play. Being first day, Montessori was going to be only for an hour. Mummy was not supposed to come inside, so she left after dropping me there..

I don't know, why all kids were crying, so even I cried sometime in between seeing them... that is what Aunty told to Mummy when she came back to pick me up.

So now I am grown up boy...


Jun 1, 2013

Param is starting Montessori at Growing Miracle

It's been 17 month since Param's birth. Each passing day is becoming a new experience.

Today attended the first meet for parents at Param's Montessori. He is going to start his first experience of school from this Monday. Ok, after today's parent orientation, I understand it is not school in a sense.. it is Montessori.

Here's the snap of his first school... err.. Montessori... Growing Miracles..

Aadhaar number

I am not sure how many of you enrolled for Aadhaar and out of that how many of you got the card actually? For me it has been the same status from last 6 months....

"Your Aadhaar number is under generation. Please check back after few days"

Though one smart thing they have done is in registering complaint. Once you register complaint, next time you will not be able to register any complaint. As message will pop up stating that complaint is already registered under this enrollment ID. Excellent thing to avoid multiple and increasing complaints.

(Cartoonist - Ramprasad)

May 23, 2013

Birthday gift from my son

Got special birthday gift from my son... (thanks to Shruti)...

Gift is going to be colorful

Some gift got overflowed on the floor as well...

Here comes the gift... Param's hand and foot print in rainbow color on the canvas.

May 3, 2013

Param's first train trip

Thanks to Bua's marriage, I got an opportunity to travel via train for the first time.

Before any journey starts, its very important to have my tummy full. All set to enjoy Idly at the Bangalore Railway Station's canteen. It's morning 5.30am and daddy is half asleep.

Idly at Bangalore City Railway Station

It's going to be 5.40am and I am going to see my first train very soon. Dad was telling mom that it's Shatabdi express, so no berths. Its going to be seats only. God knows, why they want to waste time by sleeping and not enjoying the train journey. Anyway, I am all set and waiting for train to arrive...

Waiting at platform for train to arrive - 5.40am
Finally it is here..

Here comes my train...
All 3 seats are mine... no one can sit here..

Train journey was awesome. I spent most of the time playing with co-passengers and making sure to shout so loud that dad has to pick me up and take a complete round of the coach. It was fun. Chennai was very hot, wedding was very good. Met so many Dada and Daadi.... not sure, how come every next person I met, dad introduced them as Daada or Daadi... However, one exception was also there... I met my Par-Naani for the first time...

With Par-Naani... My Dad's Mother's Mother.. that's a real generation gap

Marriage was good, enjoyed playing around and eating soooo many sweets. We are suppose to go back tonight itself but Dad's good enough to take me to my first Beach (definitely Chennai beach as first beach was least expected from you Dad!!). Beach is along the Bay of Bengal (part of Indian Ocean).

At Gandhi beach, Chennai 

So much of water and so much of fun.

Overall fun trip. Made sure that Dad and Mom was exhausted before I went to sleep at midnight in the return train (this was with berths). I need to get up again at 4am in the morning for milk.... so bye for now


Mar 16, 2013

Mundan at Chikka Tirupathi

Finally after tossing around between Tirupati, Kolkata or any salon in Bangalore itself, ended up selecting Chikka Tirupati as the destination for Param's Mundan.

Chikka Tirupathi is hardly 20 km away from Sarjapur-ORR junction, so it was less painful on travel. There was nothing like crowd, hardly couple of hundred people were around, while for Mundan, barely 8 to 10 people. Param got priority in the queue, all thanks to his new Maama.

Infact before head shave started - looking at a place, I had a double mind and was not so confident of getting his head shave done here. But to our surprise, barber was very careful, Param did not had even a single cut.

Overall, it turned out to be good decision. Only down side for us was not having his own Maama around.

About to start on the Sunday morning

Chikka Tirupathi

With newly found Maama - Mundan about to begin

All done

Update: Contact details of Chikka Tirupathi temple

Sri G Narasimhamurthy Bhattar 
Chief Bhattar of Chikka Thirupathi Temple 
Mobile - +91-9448447726

Mar 6, 2013

Lost my mobile - Got new Samsung S Duos

Back few days while riding back from office, somehow dropped my E63 somewhere. As a die hard fan of Nokia went to market and realised that now in Nokia market you only get Lumia (high end from Nokia backed by Microsoft) or Asha (low cost series) phones.

So here's what typical mobile buyers are now faced in India with - first go for smartphone or low cost phones. If it's low cost, choice is simple, buy any Asha series phone from Nokia. But if you want to buy little better phone (which does not look like toy) you are stuck with Lumia in Nokia.

First experience of Lumia in store itself put me down, while the demo was being shown, phone hanged couple of times. So decision was final - no Microsoft phone. So now choice is Android phones.... let me tell you, its for the first time I am using any smart phone in real sense and Android is really good.

Did not took much time to finalise my choice on Samsung S Duos phone. Its rich in both look and features. Plus, at price point of rupees 13K, it's really a good buy.

It's been 3 days I am using it and found it really good. 

Note - If migrating from standard phones to smart phone, get used to put your phone for charging everyday.

Feb 15, 2013

Interesting fact in 2013 Calendar

Did you notice each of the following dates falls on Thursday


Feb 3, 2013