Mar 16, 2013

Mundan at Chikka Tirupathi

Finally after tossing around between Tirupati, Kolkata or any salon in Bangalore itself, ended up selecting Chikka Tirupati as the destination for Param's Mundan.

Chikka Tirupathi is hardly 20 km away from Sarjapur-ORR junction, so it was less painful on travel. There was nothing like crowd, hardly couple of hundred people were around, while for Mundan, barely 8 to 10 people. Param got priority in the queue, all thanks to his new Maama.

Infact before head shave started - looking at a place, I had a double mind and was not so confident of getting his head shave done here. But to our surprise, barber was very careful, Param did not had even a single cut.

Overall, it turned out to be good decision. Only down side for us was not having his own Maama around.

About to start on the Sunday morning

Chikka Tirupathi

With newly found Maama - Mundan about to begin

All done

Update: Contact details of Chikka Tirupathi temple

Sri G Narasimhamurthy Bhattar 
Chief Bhattar of Chikka Thirupathi Temple 
Mobile - +91-9448447726

Mar 6, 2013

Lost my mobile - Got new Samsung S Duos

Back few days while riding back from office, somehow dropped my E63 somewhere. As a die hard fan of Nokia went to market and realised that now in Nokia market you only get Lumia (high end from Nokia backed by Microsoft) or Asha (low cost series) phones.

So here's what typical mobile buyers are now faced in India with - first go for smartphone or low cost phones. If it's low cost, choice is simple, buy any Asha series phone from Nokia. But if you want to buy little better phone (which does not look like toy) you are stuck with Lumia in Nokia.

First experience of Lumia in store itself put me down, while the demo was being shown, phone hanged couple of times. So decision was final - no Microsoft phone. So now choice is Android phones.... let me tell you, its for the first time I am using any smart phone in real sense and Android is really good.

Did not took much time to finalise my choice on Samsung S Duos phone. Its rich in both look and features. Plus, at price point of rupees 13K, it's really a good buy.

It's been 3 days I am using it and found it really good. 

Note - If migrating from standard phones to smart phone, get used to put your phone for charging everyday.