May 23, 2013

Birthday gift from my son

Got special birthday gift from my son... (thanks to Shruti)...

Gift is going to be colorful

Some gift got overflowed on the floor as well...

Here comes the gift... Param's hand and foot print in rainbow color on the canvas.

May 3, 2013

Param's first train trip

Thanks to Bua's marriage, I got an opportunity to travel via train for the first time.

Before any journey starts, its very important to have my tummy full. All set to enjoy Idly at the Bangalore Railway Station's canteen. It's morning 5.30am and daddy is half asleep.

Idly at Bangalore City Railway Station

It's going to be 5.40am and I am going to see my first train very soon. Dad was telling mom that it's Shatabdi express, so no berths. Its going to be seats only. God knows, why they want to waste time by sleeping and not enjoying the train journey. Anyway, I am all set and waiting for train to arrive...

Waiting at platform for train to arrive - 5.40am
Finally it is here..

Here comes my train...
All 3 seats are mine... no one can sit here..

Train journey was awesome. I spent most of the time playing with co-passengers and making sure to shout so loud that dad has to pick me up and take a complete round of the coach. It was fun. Chennai was very hot, wedding was very good. Met so many Dada and Daadi.... not sure, how come every next person I met, dad introduced them as Daada or Daadi... However, one exception was also there... I met my Par-Naani for the first time...

With Par-Naani... My Dad's Mother's Mother.. that's a real generation gap

Marriage was good, enjoyed playing around and eating soooo many sweets. We are suppose to go back tonight itself but Dad's good enough to take me to my first Beach (definitely Chennai beach as first beach was least expected from you Dad!!). Beach is along the Bay of Bengal (part of Indian Ocean).

At Gandhi beach, Chennai 

So much of water and so much of fun.

Overall fun trip. Made sure that Dad and Mom was exhausted before I went to sleep at midnight in the return train (this was with berths). I need to get up again at 4am in the morning for milk.... so bye for now