Dec 19, 2013

Awesome 2nd Birthday

Without doubt Param's second birthday turned out to be completely different than planned, but for good. Had a little decoration done in the morning when he got up from the bed... Shruti made birthday card with all his favorite cartoon character.

Check out the card behind Param

Well, the bigger surprise planned for him was his favorite cake... that also of Chhota Bheem. So we dropped him to his Montessori and headed to pick up the cake.. here's his surprise cake...

and now was the time to head back to his Montessori for unwrapping the surprise...

Time to enjoy the cake with friends...

Would you like to try it Daddy?
So far so good... but now things changed drastically. For some unknown reason, decided to goto Kolkata same day. Yes, too desperate to visit home and the best day to give surprise at home too. So some frantic calls to airlines... some extreme high cost flights and some mad packing... all set to hit airport in next 2 hrs to catch the evening flight. 

On the way and realized, I have missed to take identity proof. No time to return back and collect... else will miss flight. So found some cyber cafe on the way to take the print outs.... just about to click the print and the power goes off. Ok, so now wait for power to come at cyber cafe and take print... while clock keeps ticking. Thankfully power came quickly and got the prints... and started the rush back to airport. But wait, it was not all over... our hero.. Param was yet to make some contribution to the day. While playing on the rear seat... he almost swallowed the coin... just a fraction of second and Shruti could pull it out. Now I was only hoping to hit Kolkata tonight without any trouble.

After all rushing... time to eat on flight... thank god... mummy got something packed for me in all rush...

At last, at 10.30 pm we touched down to Kolkata and could meet our parents and in-laws right before the end of the day.

I surely had an awesome day and looking forward for 10 days of vacation... hope Param you too enjoyed your day. Happy Birthday Son.

PS: Param, your current fav are..
Food - Cake, Choclate and Rice...
Cartoon - Chhota Bheem and Doraemon
Color - Brown, whatever we ask in color, you want it to be brown
Song - You love to dance at tune of Balam Pichkari from hindi movie "Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani"
Line - Papa kaangya? ("Where is Papa?")