Jan 25, 2014

Sports Day

It was Param's first Sports Day today. While we had our fingers crossed, doubting whether he will participate even or no, with us being in his vicinity.

He did surprised us by not only participating in both jump running and crawling caterpillar race... but getting 1st and 2nd spot respectively in both the race.

Param with his new buddy Sreyansh

Should I stand in queue or sit with Mom & Dad?

Param - You are not suppose to hold the flag.. go back in queue

At race position.. right in the middle with Dad behind to motivate

Param's first medal

Congratulations Param on getting your very first medal... :)

PS Param - Your mom had given you the incentive of your current favorite Oreo biscuits and chocolate, if you participate itself.

Jan 19, 2014

Lalbagh Republic Day Flower Show 2014

It was time to visit the 199th flower show at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, which is done every year on the eve of Republic day. In fact, this time event coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Horticulture Dept. You can see that in special flower decor done to mark that event.

Also the theme of this year was fruits & vegetables...  The flowers include Zerbaras, Coranatio, Anthurium, Bromiliares, Petunia, Coxcomb, Seleucia, Helichrysum, etc.

Other attractions at the show was mushrooms designed in flower.

The dept has also come up with a logo: an 18-foot tall & 6-foot wide floral pillar made of various kinds of flowers.

and obviously to welcome there was horticulture favorite representatives..

and as always... Param did really enjoy...

Here's flag made of rice to mark the very purpose for which the event is done... Republic Day... 

Overall good show but as always, complemented with heavy crowd. So be prepared for some pushing around and taking those quick shots before police around asks you to keep moving... ;)