Feb 9, 2014

Vodafone Cycling Marathon

Participated for the first time in organized cycling event. With almost zero cycling done in last 6 month, decided to opt for the least available distance of 10km fun ride. Due to traffic and some other constraint, organizers had to re-route the entire direction of fun ride and ended up with mere 8km ride. No regrets though, as I was able to complete my 30km ride for the day... reaching and coming back to home from venue itself was 22km.. :)

Overall it was really nicely organized with lot of cyclist attending it...

Here's few cyclist promoting the Go Green...

Me with my Btwin RockRider 5.0

The bonus was to meet one of my old colleague almost after 6 years...

By the way, did you see who is on the stage?? It was live performance by Indian Ocean... super cool music.

Some more enthusiastic riders..

Overall fun... hoping to continue riding now...

Feb 8, 2014

The Lego Movie

Finally today, we decided to take Param for his first movie hall experience. Reason being, it was the Lego movie.. which is his current favorite.

To top it up, it was a 3D movie... so it was more fun for Param to play with glasses rather than watching movie.

As expected, his patience ran out after an hour or so... so it was time to move out of the hall and roam around in the area. So don't ask me about how was the movie... as most of the time spent during that 1 hr 40 mins was trying to make him seat, stop him from breaking the glasses (though he successfully broke one), ensuring popcorn are not spilled on the floor and lastly catching him while he was running outside the hall in lobby area.

Alas! I realized, it will still take another year or so before he starts enjoying the movie.